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Very rude drivers avoid like plague. Rips off tourists, swears and yells unfortunately they know there are few other transport options in the area. I have no idea how there is no sort of oversight and management by the local tourist authorities for such companies.


Rude and unethical company that rips off tourists Unfortunately this is an outcome of the monopoly in the area where is the only company running between hallstat and Obertraun. Drivers make up the prices, sometimes avoid sometimes picking passengers because the got another job that came after you have committed. We ordered the taxi from our hotel agreed the price to Obertraun, upon arrival the driver tried to charge more than what was agreed, when explaining we have already agree the price he started yelling and swearing. It is a real shame how such a magical tourist spot have such terrible services.


We didn’t have a great experience with a driver from this company. We were in Hallstatt only for 18hours, it was raining and we wanted to go to the centre of Hallstatt. The driver didn’t speak English (even though he was writing in English on WhatsApp-whilst he was driving). He wasn’t helpful at all when we asked a few questions, the problem was not that he didn’t speak English, the issue was that he didn’t want to help. All he wanted to do was to get us out of the way go and pick up the next poor customer. Drivers need to be reminded that tourists depend on them to get to their destination safely and that they hold important information which can make a huge difference to the tourists (for example, genuine advice and tips and where to go and things to do). This doesn’t cost anything. The ride was also relatively expensive for the distance/duration of the trip.


Sehr korrekt und freundlich!


Ersetzt teilweise die Postbusse!!

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Bewertungen und Empfehlungen
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